Obernewtyn Ariel Speedie by Shonk ness

Ariel as depicted by Shonk-Ness on DeviantArt

Ariel is one of the main antagonists throughout the entire series. He was first introduced in Obernewtyn.

Ariel is a defective Misfit with an odd empathy-coercion combination of talents. Ariel is one of the main antagonists throughout the entire series, always coming back within positions of influence and power. He is labelled as being highly manipulative  as well as sadistic, ambitious, intelligent and attractive. Before Rushton Seraphim's coup, Ariel was favoured amongst the keepers of Obernewtyn and was assissting them in what was a failed attempt to locate beforetime weaponmachines.

In The Farseekers, it is believed that Ariel has run away from Obernewtyn, and is presumed dead. However he has instead ingratiated himself with Henry Druid, the Herder Faction, the Council, and Salamander. Ariel is megalomaniacal, with every new book in the series slowly unfolding his wide-stretching and subtle plan. While it is clear he intends to purposefully reawaken the weaponmachines, and has attempted to seduce Elspeth to his cause, it is unclear if he is aware of how dire the consequences of these actions would be. His motives are often shrouded in mystery, and his apparent ability as a futureteller means that he is always one step ahead of Elspeth and the Misfits.

Identified by Gahltha as H'Rayka - or "one who brings destruction" - Elspeth assumes Ariel is the Destroyer of which Atthis warned her, although this is yet to be determined. A possible interpretation of his title is literal; that rather than being the Destroyer, he will be responsible for leading another individual - the true Destroyer - to their unwitting fate. 

Known TalentsEdit

There's no definite answer as to what talents Ariel possesses; however, it is believed he can futuretell as well as having an odd empathy-coercion combined talent.

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