Profile Edit

*Spoilers Bk3-6*

Name: Matthew (Last name is not mentioned)

Age: Quite young probably around Elspeth's age or a bit older (14) In Obernewtyn.

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Talent: Farseeking

Appearance: Dark-haired with a limp. Dark brown eyes with a ‘gleam of intelligence.’ Often described as appearing boyish. Although in later books when he is in the Red Land he is described as "A grown man with broad shoulders, muscled from breaking stone..."

Personality: In the first part of the series Matthew is presented as a fiercely loyal, but gullible and somewhat naive character, with a love of heroism and a belief that it-will-all-work-out. He is also shown to have a strong sense of morality.

However when he is seen in true dreams after his capture and enslavement, he seems to have matured, losing his naivety and boyishness, but retaining his loyalty and sense of right and wrong.

History Edit

Prior to his arrival at Obernewtyn Matthew lived in a village in the highlands not far from Guanette. After his mother died his village denounced him as a Misfit and he was sent to Obernewtyn. Obernewtyn Page 92

Role in the series Edit

Matthew first met Elspeth in Obernewtyn, becoming her first talent friend. Matthew played a big part in the delivery of Obernewtyn from Alexi and Madam Vega.

Matthew is a Farseeker Ward in The Farseekers

At the end of Ashling, he is on an expedition to Sutrium and takes part in a plan to catch Salamander, this plan, however, fails and he becomes enslaved.

We later learn, through true dreams, that he has been taken to the Red Land where he meets Gilaine, and attempts to start a rebellion.

In the Red Land Matthew, known to the Redlanders as Mad Matthius, becomes a leader of the rebellion which will begin with the return of the Red Queen.

Relationships Edit

He is close friends with Dameon and has an almost brother-sister relationship with Elspeth.

He seems to have briefly liked Cameo in Obernewtyn.

In Ashling he is tactless and intolerant of Dragon's feelings, but later on he seems to have fallen in love with her, despite their separation.