A Misfit is a person born with additional mental abilities or difference in the mind. Not all Misfits have such complex abilities as those at Obernewtyn. Most are simply defective or dreamers. But the population of Obernewtyn fit into the minority that do have such abilities. Such abilities are called Talents.

Powers Of The Mind (Talents) Edit

Farseeking Edit

Essentially telepathy; the ability to communicate with others mind-to-mind over distance. Possible range depends on the mental strength of the individuals involved. Also the ability to read the mIndus of untalents without this power.

Coercion Edit

Mind-control; the ability to manipulate others' minds without them knowing. One of the three Talents that uses the ability to deep probe. Skilled coercers can also use this Talent to manipulate matter/objects however this requires a great amount of strength and power.


The ability to receive and feel the emotions of others, and, in some Misfits, the ability to transmit emotions.


The ability to heal others' bodies through the use of a finely-tuned mental deep probe. Can be used to drain fatigue or pain.


Seeing the future; performed by sending a deep probe dangerously close to the mindstream, a probe will hover above the mindstream which 'bubbles' will come out of and reveal the past, present or future.


the ability to communicate with animals mentally; not all Farseekers are Beastspeakers, nor vice-versa.


A deep affinity and slight empathy with machines as well as a love of knowledge and discovery, especially of the Beforetime. Possibly entails some ability to manipulate machines mentally.

Killing PowerEdit

The only known misfits known to possess this power so far are Elspeth Gordie and her brother Jes Gordie. It is a dark power related somewhat to coercion talent. Elspeth often describes this power as a "dark snake" coiled at the base of her mind. It has the power to kill people as seen in Obernewtyn when she kills Madam Vega. This power also seems to augment her other powers, as seen in the book Ashling when she uses it to break through Dragon's mental defences, and also in The Keeping Place to break through demon band static. This power seems to be activated by extreme emotion, especially rage and is often extremely difficult to control.

Known MisfitsEdit

  • Elspeth Gordie
  • Ariel
  • Jes Gordie
  • Roland
  • Rushton Seraphim (latent Talent)
  • Maryon
  • Dell
  • Christa
  • Miryum
  • Pavo
  • Jak
  • Fian
  • Dragon
  • Dameon
  • Mathew
  • Kella
  • Domick
  • Gevan
  • Gavin
  • Miky
  • Angina
  • Alad
  • Zarak
  • Kuria
  • Jik
  • Gilaine
  • Daffyd
  • Saul
  • Lina